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SHODEX: Announcement of Change in YS-50 Shipping Solvent

news | 31 August 2020
Tag: shodex

Shodex will be changing the shipping solvents for the below listed product.
Please note that the actual shipping solvent used will be different from the shipping solvent described in our 2020-2021 ShodexTM Catalog.

Ion Chromatography columns for cations
F7122000  IC YS-50
(Listed on Page 34 in the 2020-2021 ShodexTM Catalog)

Details About Change in Shipping Solvents
Present (catalog) : H2O
After change         : 10 mM Na2SO4 aq.

Effective Date
Products manufactured after September 2020

This news originally published on shodex.com

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HATOCOT®: Shorten Your Construction Period Now

news | 23 August 2020
Tag: construction hatocot

How can you recover delay in construction period?
~Find amazing giveaway in the end of this article~

By F.S.

Are you worried about:

“The construction period is behind schedule…, how can I shorten the contruction period to catch up?”
“I want to install a rooftop with small number of workers…”
“I can’t cure the concrete fast enough due to poor weather..”

To designers, construction companies, and construction companies,
Ease your worry with HATOCOT®
The HATOCOT® is a prefabricated flat roof penetrations housing, so called  “dog house”.
By using this, you could skip many steps of installing conventional dog house such as:

  1. form assembly
  2. bar arrangement
  3. concrete placement
  4. form removal
  5. mortar finishing before laying roof slabs

Just follow 8 simple steps of installation:





It was firstly introduced in Japan to improve productivity by reducing manpower, shortening construction period and eliminating waste material generated on-site.
Recognized for its convenience, it is also used in Singapore. 👇👇

As a campaign during COVID, we will give FREE 2 units of HATOCOTO® V-II type by prize-draw.
The condition is as follow:

  • Designers, construction companies, or construction companies in Singapore
  • First come, first served basis
  • Apply by the end of 2020

**Delivery fee from warehouse to site bear by winner. 

Please apply through the inquiry form in our website.

We are looking forward to your applications!

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Cap Seal: You Need Easy-to-Peel Foil Seal

news | 19 August 2020
Tag: cap seal food and beverage

Good packaging for everyone!
By F.S.

Is this what you want for a good morning?


When I opened yogurt, I noticed that cap seal was difficult to open and .. sadly torn up easily.
If only the foil seal were Showa Denko’s, I would not have any stress to open it…

Showa Denko manufactures easy-to-peel cap seal for products such as yoghurt, coffee cup, pudding and etc.
Also, we can design film formulation and suggest total solution for food packaging including cost reduction and easy peal!

Inquiry and consulting are always welcome!
Please feel free to drop us your interest.

Your life will be much better!

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BIO-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 5)

news | 18 August 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2 !
By F.S.

To sum up, our targets to achieve in this Bio-CO2 project are as follows:

  • contributing to the prevention of global warming
  • making effective use of CO2 from bioethanol
  • incorporating bio-friendly and eco-friendly CO2 in beverage industry

To promote this project, we are looking for partner who carry the same concept and looking for better system.
The benefits you will receive by participating in this project are:

  • One of “CSR activity” contributing to the prevention of global warming
  • ‘Ethical’ confident for your company/products
  • Opportunity for business start-up experience
  • Happy faces of the users and consumers

For our partners, we are looking for the supportive members who are:

 ✔  Company or individuals that currently using carbon dioxide
 ✔  Those who are familiar with beverage industry or CO2 industry
 ✔  Those who want to promote eco products to consumers

If you are interested, please contact us via inquiry form, Whatsapp or any social media of “Showa Denko SG”

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Let’s create a beautiful world with us!!

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SHODEX – New Video Release: “What is Reversed-phase Chromatography and Shodex HPLC Polymer-based column??”

news | 13 August 2020
Tag: shodex

Click the here to view our latest video on Shodex Singapore YouTube channel.

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Bio-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 4)

news | 11 August 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol food and beverage thailand zeolite

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2 !
By F.S.

Looking into ASEAN region, Thailand is a major producer of bio-ethanol in Southeast Asia.
The dependence on energy imports has been increasing with the country’s economic development.
Therefore, government of Thailand is promoting self-sufficient energy by encouraging ethanol production to ensure a stable supply of energy.

While conducting sales of our adsorbents (Zeolites) for dehydration equipment in the growing ethanol industry. 
We found that a large amount of unused carbon dioxide has been released to the atmosphere every year.
Based on hearings from customers, about 300 million tons of carbon dioxide are generated as by-product from ethanol fermentation process.
We believe that effective utilization of this carbon dioxide could contribute to: the reduction of greenhouse gases and the cost of bioethanol.

When we analyzed the quality of this carbon dioxide, we found that the crude gas had a high purity of 99.5%, which is finer to other sources like oil refining.
Although further refining is required, capital investment would be relatively low.
So, we could deliver reasonable price and high-quality carbon dioxide to customers.

Our investigation and study showing that the concept is becoming feasible. 
Next step: we are looking for partners who interested to carry out this project together.
No limitation of industry you’re from, we welcome anyone who want to live in a lovely sustainable planet.

In the final chapter, we would like to share our passion for this project, if you feel interested please follow us till the final chapter.

…To be continued…

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SHODEX Chromato News August 2020

news | 01 August 2020
Tag: chromatonews shodex

New Application Data on Shodex.com!

★ LC/MS Analysis of Glyphosate and Glufosinate with (VT-50 2D)
☆ Charge Variant Analysis of Trastuzumab with (SP-FT 4A)
★ Charge Variant Analysis of Cetuximab with (SP-FT 4A)
☆ Charge Variant Analysis of Cetuximab (2) with (SP-FT 4A)
★ Speciation of Chromium by LC/ICP-MS (2) with (VC-50 2D)

Click here to read the full PDF version >>> Chromato News AUG 2020 – English

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