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SPIERA™: Hair styling while keeping it healthy is possible!

news | 19 April 2021
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by E.N.

Does your hair lose the curl due to the high temperature and humidity in your area?
For effortless styling, I want to get a perm because my curls fall flat easily due to the high humidity.
But, I’m also worried about the damage to my hair since I also have dyed hair.

Let me introduce Showa Denko Group’s perm agent technology that work well with dyed hair and is damage-free.

Structure of perm
There are four bonds in hair.

  • Peptide bonds              : The bonds are hydrolyzed and broken by excessive alkaline agents and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Disulfide (S-S) bonds : The bonds are broken by reducing agents and recombined by oxidizing agents.
  • Ionic bonds                  :  The bonds are broken when the pH tends to alkaline and tightly bound when pH is weakly acidic(pH 4.5-5.5).
  • Hydrogen bonds         :  The bonds are broken when hair is wet and recombines when it dries.

Of the four bonds mentioned above, disulfide bonds, ionic bonds, and hydrogen bonds are broken to form hair’s permanent wave.

Our Technology

The surface of the hair is composed of a hydrophobic material called “cuticle”, and the inside is composed of a hydrophilic material called”cortex”. In order to break the aforementioned bonds, it is necessary to open this cuticle and allow the chemical to seep into the hair. For this reason, colorants and perms are usually alkaline.
Under alkaline state the cuticles open and allow the chemicals to penetrate, but at the same time, the proteins tend to flow out, which damages the hair and reduces its strength.

In other words, to avoid damage, you need a perm agent that is not alkaline.

This is why we developed the thiol compound “SPIERA™”, which has both hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. Since it has both properties, so it easily soaks into the hair and there is no need to force the hair to become alkaline.

SPIERA™ can penetrate into hair in a weak acidic state and provide sufficient curling power.
Also, if you turn colored hair to alkaline, it will lose its color, but with SPIERA™, you don’t have to worry about that.

SPEIRA™ is the solution to live your life with healthy beautiful dyed and permed hair.
If you are interested, please contact us.

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