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GLYCINE: Amino acid to enhance the delightful taste in your mouth – Umami!

news | 16 September 2020
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Make your food processing easy-breezy!

By F.S. & P.V.

Adding many kinds of food additives, mixing seasonings, or any other method to add depth in your dish might be a daunting task.
Not only for cooks, but food manufacturers are also need to work hard to serve the best taste for consumers. 
It is complicated to procure raw materials to produce various flavors.

“I’m looking for a simple additive to add depth of flavor to my food.”
“Are there any food additives come with safety confidence?”

Yes, there is!
Glycine is one of amino acids that solve your concerns, especially for food manufacturers.

In this article, we introduce Glycine that could enrich foods with the power of chemistry, and its food safety is guaranteed by world standard.

Glycine has feature of
Umami ingredients that emphasize the original taste of food
・ Antioxidant effect as a shelf life improver
・ Uses bacteriostatic that is effective against bacteria that are difficult to sterilized by heating

Only mixing glycine with foods, you can enhance the taste and having peace of mind for food safety.
Glycine is a very convenient amino acid with multiple functions.
You can find more recipe here.

Asia, including India and China, is a major production base for glycine manufacturers.
Showa Denko Group, known as one of Japan’s leading chemical manufacturers, providing Glycine with ISO, FDA, FSSC22000, Halal and Kosher certification

Our Glycine offers
・ High quality, high standard such as purity, water solubility
・ Distinct sweet taste
・ Consistent supply
・ Food safety guarantee
・ Competitive price
With above features, our Glycine has been evaluated and is favored by food manufacturers all over the world.

In Southeast Asia, the number of people eating at home is increasing due to the effect from Covid-19, and the demand for frozen foods is increasing.
To support this Covid-19 period, we are offering special low price of Glycine.
The promotion valid till December this year.

Contact us for your application and quantity required.
The promotion based on first come first serve basis.
Let us know your inquiry soon!

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VISCOMATE: Combat the Heat with Cooling Patch

news | 07 September 2020
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Not only for fever, but also for body cooling!

By K.A.

On some days, do you feel the temperature is unbearable and you must resort to air-conditioner?
However, what if you are outdoor and air-con is not an option. You can fan yourself but you will get more tired and sweaty…

Many of you might have already heard Cooling patch /cooling gel sheet / cooling band-aid and its function to absorb and disperse heat during fever. Inside cooling patch product, Showa Denko VISCOMATE™ is used as one of the main materials, for giving gels adhesive, maintain its shape, and retains water.

You may use cool patch to combat the heat by applying to parts of body such as underarm, neck, inner thigh, and other body parts where thick blood vessels are running near the skin surface. Adhesive cooling gel sheet that well fits onto narrow part of body stays well in place even when user moves.
Manufacturers recommend to chill the cooling patch into refrigerator for a better cooling sensation.

If you interested to manufacture cool patch, we provide advisory for machine recommendation and formulation required to successfully produce them.

Please feel free to drop us your interest/inquiry.

Main photo created by jcomp – www.freepik.com

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SHODEX – Analytical Vietnam 2017

event | 15 January 2017

International Centre for Exhibitions, Hanoi, Vietnam


29th – 31st March 2017 (Wednesday – Friday)

Tag: Pharmaceutical Shodex Vietnam
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