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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how Showa Denko Singapore Pte. Ltd. also known as SDS manage Personal Data (as defined below) and other personal information, in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”) and other applicable laws.

Showa Denko Singapore Pte. Ltd. may from time to time update this Privacy Policy to ensure that this Privacy Policy is consistent with its business needs and/or any changes in legal or regulatory requirements. Subject to your rights at law, you agree to be bound by the prevailing terms of this Privacy Policy as may be updated by Showa Denko Singapore Pte. Ltd. from time to time.

Personal Information Privacy Policy

Showa Denko Singapore Pte. Ltd. (SDS) has established its policy for the protection of personal information as follows, recognizing its social responsibility in view of the wide spread of the Internet and other advanced information technologies as well as the enforcement of the Personal Information Protection Law:

  1. SDS appoints Personal Information Administrator who oversees company-wide implementation of measures for the protection of personal information. At the same time, each division handling personal information elects its own administrator to ensure the privacy.
  2. SDS establishes and strictly observes internal rules for the protection of personal information, and educates its employees on this subject.
  3. SDS acquires personal information in a lawful and fair manner to the extent it is necessary for conducting the business.
  4. SDS uses the personal information it acquires only for the purposes announced on this web site or expressly indicated at the time of acquisition.
  5. SDS makes every effort to keep personal data correct and updated to ensure the security of data. SDS also takes rational safety measures in terms of both administration systems and information technologies, thereby preventing unlawful access to and loss/alteration/leakage of personal information.
  6. SDS does not, in principle, provide personal data to a third party. Except for cases under Paragraph 1, Article 23 of the Personal Information Protection Law or commissioning of work in which a confidentiality agreement is signed in advance, SDS obtains consent of the person whose information SDS needs to provide to a third party for conducting SDS’s business.
  7. SDS appropriately meets requests for disclosure or correction of personal data as defined in the Personal Information Protection Law. Details of the procedures for the disclosure or correction will be announced on this web site.
  8. SDS appropriately and quickly responds to any complaint concerning the company’s handling of personal information. Details of whom to contact for filing complaints will be announced on this web site.
  9. SDS strictly observes the Personal Information Protection Law and related regulations, as well as rules and guidelines established by the competent authority. SDS is committed to continuous improvement in the protection and handling of personal information.

Handling of Personal Information on This Web Site

Showa Denko Singapore Pte. Ltd. also known as SDS hereby establishes rules on matters specifically related to the handling of personal information on this web site based on its privacy protection policy:

  1. Everyone who visits this web site can use the site without disclosing Personal Information. (The Personal Information means any information that allows an individual to be identified or information peculiar to the individual, including a visitor’s name, address, telephone number and e-mail address.) Although we sometimes conduct statistical analyses of how each page within our web site is used, we do not deal with any Personal Information in such analyses.
  2. With regard to the Personal Information you provide us when you contact us via inquiry forms of our web site, we will use that information only for the purposes expressly indicated in advance.
  3. We may provide the Personal Information to a member company or companies of our Group in order to achieve the purposes of use expressly indicated in advance.
  4. We will strictly control the Personal Information you provided, taking measures to prevent its loss, alteration or leakage. In this web site, we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology—a highly reliable Internet cipher code system that protects the Personal Information of any visitor when he/she contacts us and receives our answer.
  5. As for sites of other corporations or individuals with hyperlinks to our web site, we will not assume any responsibility for the protection of the Personal Information.
  6. We may change the present rules in response to changes in relevant laws and regulations.
    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the General Affairs Office, at 81-3-5470-3636.

Privacy Policy (for Malaysia)

Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notice (English)

  1. Introduction

This Privacy and Personal Data Protection Notice (“Notice”) sets out the basis which Showa Denko Materials (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd. (“we”, “us”, or “our”) may collect, use, disclose or otherwise process personal data of our customers in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA” or “Act”). This Notice applies to personal data in our possession or under our control, including personal data in the possession of organisations which we have engaged to collect, use, disclose or process personal data for our purposes.

  1. Collection of personal data

We generally do not collect your personal data unless (a) it is provided to us voluntarily by you directly or via a third party who has been duly authorised by you to disclose your personal data to us (your “authorised representative”) after (i) you (or your authorised representative) have been notified of the purposes for which the data is collected, and (ii) you (or your authorised representative) have provided written consent to the collection and usage of your personal data for those purposes, or (b) collection and use of personal data without consent is permitted or required by the PDPA or other laws. We shall seek your consent before collecting any additional personal data and before using your personal data for a purpose which has not been notified to you (except where permitted or authorised by law).

  1. Description of personal data
    a) Name;
    b) Email address;
    c) Contact no.;
    d) Sensitive personal data; and any
    e) Personally, Identifiable Information defined by international privacy laws or standards
  2. Purposes for collection of personal data

We may collect and use your personal data for any or all of the following purposes:

a) performing obligations in the course of or in connection with our provision of the goods and/or services requested by you;
b) verifying your identity;
c) responding to, handling, and processing queries, requests, applications, complaints, and feedback from you;
d) managing your relationship with us;
e) sending your marketing information about our goods or services including notifying you of our marketing events, initiatives and promotions, lucky draws, membership and rewards schemes and other promotions;
f) complying with any applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice, guidelines, or rules, or to assist in law enforcement and investigations conducted by any governmental and/or regulatory authority;
g) any other purposes for which you have provided the information;
h) transmitting to any unaffiliated third parties including our third-party service providers and agents, and relevant governmental and/or regulatory authorities, whether in Malaysia or abroad, for the aforementioned purposes; and
i) any other incidental business purposes related to or in connection with the above. 

  1. Sources of personal data

We may obtain clients’ personal data from the following sources:

  1. agreements and contracts for sale and purchase of our products or for our services;
  2. official registration forms (either electronic or printed) for any promotional events;
    > any emails or any correspondences that we have received from you requesting for information or making any inquiries;
  3. any forms that you have submitted on our website or any websites contracted by us;
  4. any referrals from a person which have included their verifiable personal contact details;
  5. Business cards that were dropped or given to our employees, agents, brokers or associates; or
    > any documents (including but not limited to statutory forms and returns) that were submitted to us for processing.
  1. Disclosure of personal data

We may disclose your personal data:

a) where such disclosure is required for performing obligations in the course of or in connection with our provision of the goods or services requested by you; or
b) to third party service providers, agents and other organisations we have engaged to perform any of the functions listed in clause 4 above for us.

  1. Protection of personal data

To safeguard your personal data from unauthorised access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, disposal or similar risks, we have introduced appropriate administrative, physical and technical measures such as up-to-date antivirus protection, encryption and the use of privacy filters to secure all storage and transmission of personal data by us, and disclosing personal data both internally and to our authorised third party service providers and agents only on a need-to-know basis.

You should be aware, however, that no method of transmission over the Internet or method of electronic storage is completely secure. While security cannot be guaranteed, we strive to protect the security of your information and are constantly reviewing and enhancing our information security measures.

  1. Use of Cookies

The cookies used by the Website are solely associated to anonymous users and their computers and do not provide personal data on users. Some cookies are used by third parties to provide the Company with data on the effectiveness of its engagements and promotions. The cookies used by the Website are not in any way use to collect personal data that could be used to identify a specific user. In addition, cookies are of a temporary nature, used solely to improve the efficiency of the last transmission. Users may configure their browser to notify them of the reception of cookies and to prevent their installation on their computer.

  1. Transfer of Personal Data

Your personal data provided to us may be transferred to the following classes of third parties (within or outside of Malaysia) as required under the law or pursuant to relevant contractual relationship:

a) entities within Showa Denko group of companies (including related companies, subsidiaries, holding companies, associated companies and outsourcing partners);
b) potential or actual purchasers, successors-in-title of the business or share (wholly or in part) of the Company (including their advisers and representatives) as a result of a potential, proposed or actual sale of business, disposal, acquisition, merger or re-organisation;
c) government departments or agencies, statutory authorities and industry regulators;
d) any person to whom we are compelled or required to do so under law or in response to a competent or government agency;
e) law enforcement agencies; and
f) third parties appointed by us to provide services to us or on our behalf (such as auditor, lawyer, company secretary, service providers, printing company, telecommunications company, contractor, events and training organisers and other advisers).

  1. Marketing and promotional purposes

Upon subscribing to our services, you will be receiving marketing and/or promotional emails or calls from us, which includes monthly promotions and information on future events. If you do not wish to receive any promotional news or calls, please click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email and you will be excluded from our newsletters and contacts.

  1. Data subject’s obligations

It is necessary for us to collect and to retain clients’ personal data. Therefore, it is also obligatory for clients to supply personal data to us in the most accurate manner. If clients do not provide us with personal data, we are unable to, process personal data on clients’ behalf, for the Purpose stated in clause 4 herein, or effectively render our services to clients, and all relationships created or to be created between us shall then be terminated and ceased to be in effect immediately.

  1. The rights of data subject

a) To request access to personal data
Clients have the right to request for access to personal data processed by us on with reasonable notice. Access requests can be made through in writing to our email address listed in clause 15.
b) To request correction of personal data
Clients have the rights to request for correction and/or update of your personal data that is inaccurate, incomplete or outdated. Correction requests can be made through in writing to our email address listed in clause 15.
c) To limit processing of your personal data
Clients are entitled to limit our processing of personal data by expressly withdrawing the consent given previously, in each case, including for direct marketing purposes subject to any applicable legal restrictions, contractual conditions and within a reasonable time period.

  1. Changes to Privacy And Personal Data Protection Notice

We reserve the right to amend the Notice from time to time without prior notice. We advise that you check our website for the Notice on a regular basis. Kindly view our Notice on the website,

  1. Acknowledgement and Consent

By communicating, engaging with the Company or use the Company’s products and services, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Notice and agree and consent to the use, processing, disclosure and transfer of your personal data by the Company as described in this Notice. Any email the Company sends to you will contain an automated unsubscribe link so that you can opt-out of the mailing list. You can also withdraw your consent by written notice or fill in the form on the website.

  1. Inquiries and complaints

Should you require further information about the personal data we hold or the way in which your information is being collected or used which are not answered by this Privacy Notice please contact us at:

Email :

  1. Conflict

In the event of any conflict between this English language Privacy Notice and its corresponding Bahasa Malaysia Privacy Notice, the terms in this English language Notice shall prevail.

Notis Perlindungan Privasi dan Data Peribadi

  1. Pengenalan

Notis Perlindungan Privasi dan Data Peribadi (“Notis”) ini menetapkan dasar yang digunakan Showa Denko Materials (Asia-Pacific) Pte. Ltd. (“kami”, “kita”, atau “milik kami”) untuk mengumpul, mengguna, mendedah, atau memproses data peribadi pelanggan kami mengikut Akta Perlingungan Data Peribadi 2010 (“PDPA” atau “Undang-Undang”). Notis ini terpakai kepada data peribadi dalam milikan kami atau di bawah kawalan kami, termasuk data peribadi dalam milikan organisasi yang telah kami libatkan untuk mengumpul, menggunakan, mendedahkan atau memproses data peribadi untuk tujuan kami.

  1. Pengumpulan data peribadi

Kami secara am tidak mengumpul data peribadi anda melainkan (a) ia diberikan kepada kami secara sukarela oleh anda secara langsung atau melalui pihak ketiga yang diberi kuasa sewajarnya oleh anda untuk mendedahkan data peribadi anda kepada kami (“wakil sah anda”) selepas (i) anda (atau wakil sah anda) telah diberitahukan tentang tujuan pengumpulan data tersebut, dan (ii) anda (atau wakil sah anda) telah memberikan persetujuan tertulis untuk pengumpulan dan penggunaan data peribadi anda untuk tujuan tersebut, atau (b) pengumpulan dan penggunaan data peribadi tanpa persetujuan diizinkan atau diwajibkan oleh PDPA atau undang-undang lain. Kami akan meminta persetujuan anda sebelum mengumpul sebarang data peribadi tambahan dan sebelum menggunakan data peribadi anda untuk tujuan yang belum dimaklumkan kepada anda (kecuali jika dibenarkan dari segi undang-undang).

  1. Deskripsi data peribadi
    a) Nama;
    b) Alamat e-mel;
    c) Nombor perhubungan;
    d) Data peribadi yang sensitif; dan setiap
    e) Maklumat Pengenalan Peribadi yang ditakrifkan oleh undang-undang atau piawaian privasi antarabangsa
  2. Tujuan pengumpulan data peribadi

Kami mungkin mengumpul dan menggunakan data peribadi anda untuk mana-mana atau semua tujuan berikut:

a) melakukan kewajiban dalam rangka atau sehubungan dengan penyediaan barang dan/atau layanan yang diminta oleh anda;
b) mengesahkan identiti anda;
c) menjawab, mengendalikan dan memproses pertanyaan, permintaan, permohonan, aduan dan maklum balas daripada anda;
d) menguruskan hubungan anda dengan kami;
e) menghantar maklumat pemasaran anda tentang barangan atau perkhidmatan kami termasuk memberitahu anda tentang acara pemasaran, inisiatif dan promosi kami, cabutan bertuah, keahlian dan skim ganjaran dan promosi lain;
f) mematuhi mana-mana undang-undang, peraturan, kod amalan, garis panduan atau peraturan yang terpakai, atau untuk membantu dalam penguatkuasaan undang-undang dan penyiasatan yang dijalankan oleh mana-mana pihak berkuasa kerajaan;
g) sebarang tujuan lain yang anda berikan maklumat tersebut;
h) menghantar kepada mana-mana pihak ketiga termasuk pembekal dan ejen perkhidmatan pihak ketiga kami, dan pihak berkuasa kerajaan yang berkaitan, sama ada di Malaysia atau luar negara, untuk tujuan yang disebutkan di atas; dan
i) sebarang tujuan perniagaan sampingan lain yang berkaitan dengan perkara di atas.

  1. Sumber data peribadi

Kami mungkin memperoleh data peribadi anda daripada sumber-sumber berikut:

  1. perjanjian dan kontrak untuk penjualan dan pembelian produk kami atau untuk perkhidmatan kami;
  2. borang pendaftaran rasmi (sama ada elektronik atau bercetak) untuk sebarang acara promosi;
    > sebarang e-mel atau sebarang surat-menyurat yang kami terima daripada anda meminta maklumat atau membuat sebarang pertanyaan;
  3. sebarang borang yang telah anda serahkan di laman web kami atau mana-mana laman web yang dikontrak oleh kami;
  4. sebarang rujukan daripada seseorang yang telah menyertakan butiran hubungan peribadi mereka yang boleh disahkan;
  5. Kad perniagaan yang digugurkan atau diberikan kepada pekerja, ejen, broker atau syarikat bersekutu kami; atau
    > sebarang dokumen (termasuk tetapi tidak terhad kepada borang berkanun dan penyata) yang diserahkan kepada kami untuk diproses.
  1. Pendedahan data peribadi

Kami mungkin mendedahkan data peribadi anda:
a) di mana pendedahan sedemikian diperlukan untuk melaksanakan kewajipan dalam perjalanan atau berkaitan dengan penyediaan barangan atau perkhidmatan yang diminta oleh anda; atau
b) kepada pembekal perkhidmatan pihak ketiga, ejen dan organisasi lain yang telah kami libatkan untuk melaksanakan mana-mana fungsi yang disenaraikan dalam klausa 4 di atas untuk kami.

7. Perlindungan data peribadi

Untuk melindungi data peribadi anda daripada akses tanpa kebenaran, pengumpulan, penggunaan, pendedahan, penyalinan, pengubahsuaian, pelupusan atau risiko yang serupa, kami telah memperkenalkan langkah pentadbiran, fizikal dan teknikal yang sesuai seperti perlindungan antivirus terkini, penyulitan dan penggunaan privasi penapis untuk melindungi semua storan dan penghantaran data peribadi oleh kami, dan mendedahkan data peribadi secara dalaman dan kepada pembekal perkhidmatan dan ejen pihak ketiga kami yang dibenarkan hanya atas dasar yang perlu diketahui.

Walau bagaimanapun, anda harus sedar bahawa tiada kaedah penghantaran melalui Internet atau kaedah storan elektronik adalah selamat sepenuhnya. Walaupun keselamatan tidak dapat dijamin, kami berusaha untuk melindungi keselamatan maklumat anda dan sentiasa menyemak dan mempertingkatkan langkah keselamatan maklumat kami.

  1. Penggunaan Cookie

Cookie yang digunakan oleh Laman Web hanya dikaitkan dengan pengguna tanpa nama dan komputer mereka dan tidak memberikan data peribadi tentang pengguna. Sesetengah cookie diguna oleh pihak ketiga untuk memberi kami data tentang keberkesanan penglibatan dan promosi. Cookie yang diguna oleh Laman Web tidak diguna dalam apa jua cara untuk mengumpul data peribadi yang boleh diguna untuk mengenal pasti pengguna tertentu. Selain itu, cookie adalah bersifat sementara, digunakan semata-mata untuk meningkatkan kecekapan penghantaran terakhir. Pengguna boleh mengkonfigurasi pelayar mereka untuk memberitahu mereka tentang penerimaan cookie dan untuk menghalang pemasangan mereka pada komputer mereka.

  1. Transfer Data Peribadi

Data peribadi anda yang diberikan kepada kami mungkin dipindahkan ke kelas pihak ketiga berikut (di dalam atau di luar Malaysia) seperti yang dikehendaki di bawah undang-undang atau menurut hubungan kontrak yang berkaitan:

a) entiti dalam kumpulan syarikat Showa Denko (termasuk syarikat berkaitan, anak syarikat, syarikat induk, syarikat bersekutu dan rakan kongsi penyumberan luar);
b) bakal atau pembeli sebenar, pengganti dalam hak milik perniagaan atau saham (seluruh atau sebahagiannya) Syarikat (termasuk penasihat dan wakil mereka) akibat daripada potensi,
penjualan yang dicadangkan atau sebenar perniagaan, pelupusan, pemerolehan , penggabungan atau penyusunan semula;
c) jabatan atau agensi kerajaan dan pihak berkuasa berkanun;
d) mana-mana orang yang kami terpaksa atau dikehendaki berbuat demikian di bawah undang-undang atau sebagai tindak balas kepada agensi kerajaan;
e) agensi penguatkuasaan undang-undang; dan
f) pihak ketiga yang dilantik oleh kami untuk menyedia perkhidmatan kepada kami atau bagi pihak kami (seperti juruaudit, peguam, setiausaha syarikat, pembekal perkhidmatan, syarikat percetakan, syarikat telekomunikasi, kontraktor, penganjur acara dan latihan serta penasihat lain).

  1. Tujuan pemasaran dan promosi

Selepas melanggan perkhidmatan kami, anda akan menerima e-mel pemasaran dan/atau promosi atau panggilan daripada kami, yang termasuk promosi bulanan dan maklumat mengenai acara akan datang. Jika anda tidak mahu menerima sebarang berita atau panggilan promosi, sila klik pautan “nyahlanggan” di bahagian bawah e-mel dan anda akan dikecualikan daripada surat berita dan kenalan kami.

  1. Kewajipan subjek data

Adalah perlu bagi kami untuk mengumpul dan mengekalkan data peribadi pelanggan. Oleh itu, pelanggan juga wajib membekal data peribadi kepada kami dengan cara yang paling tepat. Jika pelanggan tidak memberi kami data peribadi, kami tidak dapat memproses data peribadi bagi pihak pelanggan, untuk Tujuan yang dinyatakan dalam klausa 4, atau secara berkesan memberikan perkhidmatan kami kepada pelanggan, dan semua perhubungan antara kami akan ditamat dan tidak lagi berkuat kuasa serta-merta.

  1. Hak-hak subjek data

a) Untuk meminta akses kepada data peribadi anda

Pelanggan mempunyai hak untuk meminta akses kepada data peribadi yang diproses oleh kami dengan notis yang munasabah. Permintaan akses boleh dibuat secara bertulis ke alamat e-mel kami yang disenaraikan dalam klausa 15.

b) Untuk meminta pembetulan data peribadi

Pelanggan mempunyai hak untuk meminta pembetulan dan/atau kemas kini data peribadi anda yang tidak tepat, tidak lengkap atau ketinggalan zaman. Permintaan pembetulan boleh dibuat secara bertulis kepada alamat e-mel kami yang disenaraikan dalam klausa 15.

c) Untuk mengehad pemprosesan data peribadi anda

Pelanggan berhak untuk mengehad pemprosesan data peribadi kami dengan menarik balik kebenaran yang diberikan sebelum ini secara nyata, dalam setiap kes, termasuk untuk tujuan pemasaran langsung tertakluk kepada sebarang sekatan undang-undang yang berkenaan, syarat kontrak dan dalam tempoh masa yang munasabah.

  1. Perubahan kepada Notis Privasi Dan Perlindungan Data Peribadi

Kami berhak untuk meminda Notis dari semasa ke semasa tanpa notis terlebih dahulu. Kami menasihatkan anda menyemak laman web kami untuk mendapatkan Notis secara berkala. Sila lihat Notis kami di tapak web,

  1. Pengakuan dan Persetujuan

Dengan berkomunikasi, melibatkan diri dengan Kami atau menggunakan produk dan perkhidmatan Kami, anda mengakui bahawa anda telah membaca dan memahami Notis ini dan bersetuju dan bersetuju dengan penggunaan, pemprosesan, pendedahan dan pemindahan data peribadi anda oleh Kami seperti yang diterangkan dalam Notis ini. . Sebarang e-mel yang dihantar oleh Kami kepada anda akan mengandungi pautan nyahlanggan automatik supaya anda boleh menarik diri daripada senarai mel. Anda juga boleh menarik balik kebenaran anda melalui notis bertulis atau mengisi borang di laman web.

  1. Pertanyaan dan aduan

Sekiranya anda memerlukan maklumat lanjut tentang data peribadi yang kami pegang atau cara maklumat anda dikumpul atau digunakan yang tidak dijawab oleh Notis Privasi ini, sila hubungi kami di:

E-mel :

  1. Konflik

Sekiranya berlaku sebarang percanggahan antara Notis Privasi Bahasa Inggeris ini dan Notis Privasi Bahasa Malaysia yang sepadan, syarat-syarat dalam Notis Bahasa Inggeris ini akan diguna pakai.