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What we learned from exhibiting in Thailand Lab 2022.

news | 06 October 2022
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Hi readers. Good day!

Greeting from us, Showa Denko Singapore. The other day, we exhibited our SHODEX™ HPLC Column booth at Thailand Lab International 2022, a laboratory related exhibition, for three days. This year, I have a lot of good experiences with users at our booth. With this exhibition, I made some new discoveries about lab users, and good tips about exhibiting at big events. Let’s go through together what I have learnt this time.

Tips for hot booth

  • A focus topic

Mostly, a popular booth is a booth that focuses on only an attractive topic. In Thailand, this time it was popular with a Cannabis-themed booth. Cannabis has become a trending topic for Thai people since the regulations eased for a while. I can easily see it anywhere from the roadside to a specialist shop. Our local partner who also exhibited the Cannabis booth (about analysis equipment 😊) said almost 200 companies have started manufacturing it so far. No surprise that Cannabis could be an eye-catching topic for booth display this year.

  • Interactivity

Also, the hot booths mostly have an interactive display or activities with customers, i.e. moving display, games and so on. Definitely, you can adapt this concept to your product/business showcase too.

Customer's experience

At this time, about 100 users visited our booth. After full 3 days, I found some interesting habits of each customer. I think it could be useful for your business too.

  • 90% of the participants were women

From my working experience in Thailand, 90% of the staff/customers or even your colleagues will be women. Also, this time women are the majority among lab users.

  • Women look at the table, while men look at the posters.

In the most of the movements, women tend to look at the display table first. Maybe it is eye-level or a more eye-catching display on the table. While, men’s first look will be on the poster at the booth panels at an unreachable distance.

FYI, we have touchable product mock-up and cute Japanese dolls at the table display, while more academic posters are black-themed and quite far in distance.

  • Fewer visitors come inside the booth.

The nature of the visitors only walk past the booth. We found that only 5% of visitors came inside the booth. So, we have learned that the booth panels (or posters) with too many fonts might not be useful for both us and visitors.

Based on this hypothesis, we made improvements such as adding more tables and increasing the number of displays (more colorful displays for eye-catching) from the second day onwards. As a result, the number of visitors increased and we were able to gather more information and various opinions about our product too.


At this exhibition, we achieved the following:

  • Get the voice of the user
  • Explore market trends
  • Get hints for future marketing plans
  • Notes to improve next year's exhibition

Through this experience, I would like to take on new challenges next year,

  • To have special feature in our booth
  • Fewer fonts to make visitors understand our product/service better
  • Novelty goods for women 

Showa Denko Singapore is working to understand more about our customers to improve their experience with our service and product.

If you have any good marketing tips, please feel free to let us know too. >> contact us.

Thank you for reading to the end!!

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