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TPNa™ (Vit E Derivative): Prevent dry skin and redness caused by UV irradiation

news | 05 March 2021
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by E.N.

Sunburn is an enemy on a pleasant sunny day.
I bring an umbrella and sunscreen, but when I notice it, my skin turns black and hurts, which happens often.
“I want to keep youthful skin at any time!”

In this article, we will introduce Showa Denko's product that prevents skin problem derived from UV irradiation.

Causes of sunburn
Sunburn is caused by UV irradiation and ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) occurred by it.

  1. UV irradiation

There are three types of UV irradiation, ranging from high energy to low energy.
UV-C:the strongest rays among the three types of UV irradiation
UV-B:High UV energy, causing rapid and severe damage to the skin(=sunburn)
   -> The skin quickly become red, causing spots and pigmentation.
UV-A:Weak UV energy, but high quantity and high skin penetration.
The skin slowly darkens, causing wrinkles and sagging.
Since UV-C is absorbed by the ozone layer, only UV-B and UV-A reach the earth's surface.

What do SPF and PA listed on sunscreens mean?
SPF:Reference values to prevent sunburn caused by UV-B.
PA :Reference values for UV-A protection

These UV irradiations produce "ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) ", which cause skin problem.

  1. ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)

ROS, which are changes in some of the oxygen taken into the body, originally play a role in protecting the body by attacking viruses and bacteria. However, if they increase too much, they become more aggressive and damage healthy cells. Excessive amounts of ROS can result in dry skin caused by weakening barrier function of skin. Cell transforming and weakening intercellular adhesion are the main cause of this.

TPNa™ is the solution to keep youthful skin!

Vitamin E can remove radical enzymes in the skin and prevent above skin disorders from occurring. However, since vitamin E is an oil type, its transdermal absorption efficiency is not sufficient, and it cannot be applied to water-soluble substrates such as lotions. Therefore, Showa Denko have developed TPNa the world's first water-soluble vitamin E derivative (amphiphilic). By introducing a phosphoryl group into the oily form of vitamin E, it acquires water solubility and can penetrate well into the skin.

TPNa™ which has a phosphoryl group quickly penetrates into the skin and is converted to vitamin E by the enzymatic action of phosphatase present in the skin. As a result, ROS can be removed.

If you want white and youthful skin, why not try Showa Denko's TPNa™ right now?
Free samples are available. If you are interested, please contact us.

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