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Scent Buster: A discovery for household smell removal

news | 31 May 2021
Tag: zeolite

By E.N.

We have introduced "Shozen" a deodorizer for cigarette smoke before.
This time, we have confirmed other deodorant performance and prepared new designs to suit various occasions.

Have you ever opened a shoe cabinet at the beginning of the day and smelled an unpleasant odor?
It is said that the amount of sweat from your feet in a day is a cupful in a day.
If you leave your shoes soaked in sweat, the bacteria and smell will multiply by the next morning.

How our "Shozen Scent Buster" could help with the smell issue? 

The main component of foot odor is Isovaleric acid.
Good news is Isovaleric acid could be effectively absorbed by our high silica zeolite.

*HiSiv 3000 is a type of molecular sieve for smell removal

With HiSiv 3000, the amount of Isovaleric acid gas can be drastically reduced to about 30% of the starting amount in 1 hour, whereas without HiSiv 3000, 83% of the amount still remains after 1 hour.
After 8 hours, the amount of Isovaleric acid remaining with HiSiv 3000 is only 10%, while the control one has around 40% of the isovaleric acid gas remaining.

Shozen Scent Buster also did an excellent job in our actual test, with men daily office leather shoes.
We asked them to put Shozen Scent Buster in their right foot only, and compare the smell in the next morning.

The result is clear!

Our Shozen can effectively absorb the underlying factors instead of covering up the bad smell with other fragrance.
We have found that it can effectively eliminate odors not only in shoes, but also when placed in the kitchen or toilet.
Let's put our products to eliminate unpleasant household odors.

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