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SHODEX: Announcement of Change in SI-35 4D Shipping Solvent

news | 14 July 2020
Tag: shodex

Shodex will be changing the shipping solvents for the below listed product.
Please note that the actual shipping solvent used will be different from the shipping solvent described in our 2020-2021 ShodexTM Catalog.

Ion Chromatography Columns for suppressor method (KOH Eluent)

F6999361     IC SI-36 4D
(Listed on Page 32 in the 2020-2021 ShodexTM Catalog)

Details About Change in Shipping Solvents
Present (catalog): 25 mM KOH aq.

After change       : 10 mM Na2SO4 aq.

Effective Date
Products manufactured after July 15th 2020

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