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SHODEX Chromato News September 2018

news | 01 September 2018
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NEW! Technical Article No. 3

LC/MS Analysis of Various Hydrophilic Compounds Using a Polymer-Based Amino Column
– Shodex™ HILICpak™ VG-50 2D

High polar compounds in pharmaceutical and food products are hardly retained under Reversed Phased mode, and to compromise the problem, pre-column derivatization or addition of ion-pair reagent to the eluent are often applied. Drawbacks are the complicated and time taking process of the derivatization and increase of background level caused by the ion-pair reagent residues on the column and the flow-lines.

However, Shodex™ HILICpack™ VG-50 2D, provides the solution with its advantageous analytical features when used under alkaline conditions. LC/MS with ammonia water/acetonitrile gradient elution is effective for good separation and high sensitivity analysis of various hydrophilic compounds. It can analyse saccharides, organic acids, and amino acid simultaneously, and able to monitor caffeine and water-soluble vitamins simultaneously. These can be achieved without using pre-column derivatization nor addition of ion-pairing reagent.

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