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SHODEX Chromato News March 2019

news | 01 March 2019
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New Applications Data on Website!

Methacrylic Acid Copolymer (KF-806M)
☆ Chiral Separation of Asparagine (CRX-853)
★ Chiral Separation of Proline (CRX-853)
☆ Chiral Separation of Tryptophan (CRX-853)
★ SEC Analysis of Liraglutide Formulation (KW-802.5)
☆ Analysis of Oligogalacturonic Acids (VN-50 4D)
★ LC/MS Analysis of Hexamethylenetetramine (VC-50 2D)
☆ Analysis of Sorbitol According to USP Method (SP0810 8C)
★ Analysis of Maltitol According to USP (SP0810 8C)
☆ Comparison of Sensitivity of NH2P Polymer-based Column and Silica-based Amino Column with ELSD

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