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SHODEX Chromato News March 2018

news | 01 March 2018
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New Applications Data on Website!

☆ Analysis of Various Tween Type Surfactants (GF-210 HQ)
★LC/MS Analysis of Analysis of Tween Type Surfactants in IgG (ODP2 HP-2D)
☆ Standard Proteins (28) (Comparison of SP-FT 4A and SP-420N)
★ Effects of Flow Rate for Protein Analysis (SP-FT 4A)
☆ Ultra-rapid Analysis of Standard Proteins (SP-FT 4A)
★ Ultra-rapid Analysis of Hemoglobin A, F, S and C (SP-FT 4A)
☆ Analysis of Tagatose According to USP Method (SC1011)
★ Analysis of 2-Aminobenzoic Acid Labeled Glucose Homopolymer (NH2P-50 4E)
☆ Polyamide (12) Nylon 6/9 (HK-HFIP404L)
★ Polyamide (13) Nylon 11 (HK-HFIP404L)
☆ Rapid Analysis of Anion Standards (SI-35 2B)
★ Analysis of Ionic Liquid (YS-50)
☆ LC/MS Analysis of Ionic Liquid (VC-50 2D)

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