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SHODEX Chromato News June 2022

news | 14 June 2022
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NEW! Technical Article No. 20

SEC Multi-Faceted Analysis of Exosome (EV) Combination of UV, Florescence, and Light Scattering Detectors

Exosome, an extracellular vesicle (EV), is responsible for transmitting various information and substances in living organisms. EVs are receiving great interests in the fields of new modality, because of their potential uses as highly sensitive diagnostic markers and therapeutic applications. Their transmission and target specific characteristics make them potentially significant in the treatment of various diseases. EVs have unique common physical and physiological properties including their sizes and surface antigens. However, their complex cell generation processes create diversities in the properties and encapsulated substances. Thus, they are often treated as mixtures of nano vehicles with certain variations. Therefore, the manufacturing of EV as a biopharmaceutical via bioprocessing requires development of production and evaluation methods that ensures consistent reproduction of EVs with the same characteristics throughout basic research, proof of concept, all clinical trial stages and actual production for clinical use. In addition, it is also important to control impurities generated during the production procedures. Those impurities include cell-originated components with which also have diversities.

Shodex offers hydrophilic aqueous polymer-base SEC columns that are suitable for analyzing various biological components. Shodex SEC columns with various pore sizes cover a wide molecular weight range, even the large nanoscale objects including EVs. Especially, SB-806 HQ with its sufficient pore size holds and separates EV-class nanoscale objects (50-200nm). Combined with a variety of detectors, this is a useful comprehensive analysis tool for a complex bio-nano compounds preparation process. This technical article introduces an example of multifaceted analysis and monitoring of an EV sample purification process using a SEC column, Shodex OHpak SB-806 HQ, with 3 different detectors.

EV Samples at each purification step:
✓ cell cuture supernatant,
✓ concentrate,
✓ purified product.

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