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SHODEX Chromato News February 2018

news | 01 February 2018
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Analysis method of Aggregates and Additives in Antibody Drugs

Antibody drugs are important potent therapeutic drugs. Because of their highly specific targeting capacity to the cancer cells, it can cause less side effects. However, it is known that they may aggregate to form dimers and other larger aggregates during manufacturing process and/or during storage period. Therefore, monitoring of such aggregates are important for quality control (QC) purposes. Shodex™ PROTEIN LW-803 demonstrated its superior separation capability for IgG monomers and its aggregates. While, Shodex™ ODP2 HP-2D proved its separation capability of analyzing non-ionic surfactant, Tween, in the presence of IgG and NaCl, without the necessity of deproteinization nor desalting sample pretreatment.

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