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SHODEX Chromato News December 2021

news | 14 December 2021
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NEW! Technical Article No. 15

Purification and SEC/MS Analysis of Norovirus Virus-Like Particles

In the fields of new modality, such as gene therapy drugs, virus vector, new vaccine, and drug delivery etc., applied researches on “bionanoparticles” are rapidly expanding and receiving the greatest interest these days. Due to their complex structures and distinct sizes, production and quality evaluation of their biological processes require integrated and multifaceted analytical techniques, even more than that of conventional biopharmaceutical compounds.

Virus-like particles (VLPs) are typical bionanoparticles. Since they are not infectious nor proliferated, but they can reproduce their original sizes and forms, they effectively elicit immune responses when used for vaccine. R&D for its commercialization is in progress as it would be an excellent platform.

This article presents the effectiveness of Size Exclusion Chromatography (SEC) - Shodex SB-805 HQ - for the analysis of bionanoparticles. As a proof of concept, method development for a chromatographic purification of norovirus cell surface layer binding protein originated VLP (NVLP) is discussed. This article also includes the evaluation of an effective method development using an SEC column with different analytical devices and a summary of how to select a suitable column for the monitoring of purification procedures.

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