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SHODEX Chromato News August 2019

news | 01 August 2019
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New Application Data on!

Pullulan Standard Kit P-82 is now available for Indonesia
★ Separation of Water-Soluble Vitamin and Sulfite (KC-811)
Laminarin (SB-806M HQ)
★ Analysis of Epinephrine According to USP (In-Process Revision) (CDBS-453)
☆ Chiral Separation of Norepinephrine (CDBS-453)
Ginsenoside (Carrot Saponin) (NH2P-50 4E)
☆ LC/MS analysis of Polysorbate 20 in Antibody Drug Complex Preparation (ODP2 HP-2B)

Click here to read the full PDF version >>> Chromato News AUG 2019 – English

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