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SHODEX: New Product - C18U series - ODS Columns for UHPLC

news | 09 March 2020
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The New C18U

· UHPLC column (Maximum pressure: 100 MPa)
· Achieves high performance analysis with sub-2 μm particles
· Organic/inorganic silica hybrid particles provide excellent resolution
   and mechanical stability and improved alkali durability (from pH 1 to 12)
· Usable in 100 % water and buffer solution
· Fulfills USP L1 requirements

Semi-micro columns
F6654011  C18U 2B  (I.D. 2.0 x  50)
F6654012  C18U 2D (I.D. 2.0 x 150)
  Functional group: Octadecyl
  Particle size (μm): 1.9
  Carbon load (%)  : 20    *Containing 8 % for hybrid silica base material.
  Pore size (Å)         : 120
  Shipping solvent  : CH3CN

Guard column for C18 series
F6709801  EXP® cartridges: 3 Cartridge columns
F6709802  EXP® direct connect holder: One holder (2 titanium hybrid ferrules and 1 nut included)
EXP is registered trademark of Optimize Technologies, Inc.

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