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Scent Buster: Have a refreshing morning with your pets!

news | 16 February 2021
Tag: molecular sieve zeolite

By F.S.

You who have pets, having trouble with that smell?

The manure of pets smells of ammonia.
I also have a turtle, and when I woke up in the morning, I have been suffering from the smell of ammonia coming out of the aquarium every day.

To remove this foul smell, I tried hanging Shozen Scent Buster  in the room.
Soon, the strong smell of manure that had filled the room disappeared, and I was able to have a refreshing morning.

Shozen Scent Buster is sold as a deodorant for cigarettes, but it has been found to be effective against the odor of pet manure.
Shozen Scent Buster is made of High Silica Zeolite and it absorbs ammonia intensively, so it can be used not only for pets but also for toilets and kitchens at home.

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