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SBN™ BN-A, BN-B3: All-round Abrasive Grains for Automobile Parts

news | 12 October 2021
Tag: automotive cBN

By F.S.

Abrasive grain is an important raw material that affects the product performance for grinding-wheel manufacturers. The hardness and shape of the abrasive grains are the critical properties for grinding automobile parts that require precision technology. You might think it sounds overstated, but it was said that "the performance of an automobile depends on the performance of the abrasive grains". So, that is why we would like to introduce our Showa Denko's “abrasive grain technology”, which has been supporting the grinding of automobile parts behind the scene.

Some grinding wheel manufacturers might have these thoughts:
“I need to grind automobile parts, but I don't know what kind of abrasive grain is the best…”
“I need to improve the performance of the grind-wheel!”

We would be glad if grinding wheel manufacturers who have such problem read this article.

What criteria do you choose for abrasive grains?

Generally, the grinding wheel manufacturer selects the abrasive grains based on the following criteria: Hardness, Shape, Cost competiveness.

1. High Hardness
Basically, the harder abrasive is, the better it could scrape. The traditional parts such as camshaft, higher hardness means better quality. However, if you want to make the surface smooth or mild sharpening, you will need the soft abrasive grains.

2. Shape
Generally, abrasive grain which has sharp shape can smooth parts efficiently with less force. The rounded/blocky shape is not over-cut, so it is recommended if you want to make fine adjustment. The criteria selection for hardness and shape are summarized below:

3. Competitive Price
Definitely, price is an important factor for grinding-wheel manufacturers. Especially, players in automotive industry have high consciousness on cost, so we are providing competitive cost for our customers, with regards to ensure high quality abrasives.

Based on the above: High hardness, Sharp and Reasonable price abrasive grain are what the grinding-wheel manufacturers are looking for.

BN-A and BN-B3 abrasive grains solve all problems in one shot.
Again, “High hardness, Sharp and Reasonable price abrasive grain” is the mission of the abrasive grain manufacturer to meet this needs.

It is a difficult theme to achieve both, but Showa Denko's abrasive grains can solve it. Especially, we would like to introduce the all-round abrasive grains, BN-A and BN-B3.

These features are as follows:

FeatureModerately hardVery hard
 Very sharpModerately sharp
 Amber colorBlack color
PriceCompetitiveVery competitive

Both abrasive grains are highly efficient in grinding and have reasonable price. If you would like to know more details, please contact us here.

For grinding abrasive grains, you can count on us.
Showa Denko succeeded in commercializing CBN products for the first time in Japan in 1978, With our long experience, we manufacturing high-quality and affordable CBN abrasive grains.

In addition to the BN-A and BN-B3, we also handle a large number of grades. And, it is possible to introduce products according to your request.

Free samples are also available, so please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to hear from you.

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