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Aluminium Packaging: High Barrier and Easy-Opening

news | 31 March 2021
Tag: cap seal food and beverage

By E.N.

When you open the lid of a yogurt tub, do you have trouble opening it or do you get yogurt on your fingers?
Or even worse, it flew out and stained your favorite T-shirt?
This is because tight seal for high barrier function is important to keep the product fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, there is a trade-off between high barrier and ease of opening the lid.

But, don't worry! Our product Aluminum container is the solution. It is easy to open, but also provide high barrier function, light shielding properties, for maintaining product's long shelf life.

The key of solving this trade-off is that we have the technology to bond materials with different properties, such as aluminum foil and resin film. From this technology, new laminating materials can be created.

Aluminum container is used in a wide range of applications such as gifts (puddings and desserts), nursing food and emergency ration food.

In addition, Hardpack can be used for medicine tablet containers due to its ability to provide high barrier properties.

Its excellent combination of high barrier and easy opening can be applied to various containers!

So, when you are looking for containers for sweets, medicines, cosmetics, etc., please feel free to contact us!

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