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Molecular Sieve: Zeolite 13X to confront COVID-19 (PSA O2 Generator)

news | 19 May 2021
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by F.S.

“As India battles the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic and resultant oxygen scarcity, the Centre and state governments have taken various measures to augment the production of medical oxygen in the country. Besides, efforts are also being made to procure and import oxygen concentrators to deal with the shortage of oxygen. Various foreign governments and global private sector companies have come forward to help India in the hour of crisis by sending oxygen concentrators.”

Reading the news above, I hope we can help relieve the situation in India.
As a manufacturer, SDK’s separation technology through molecular sieve products comes to my mind. This technology could be a part to the solution.

India where oxygen deficiency becomes severe.
After Covid-19 strikes, oxygen becomes one of the essentials for every city. Especially in India, where the number of infections has increased rapidly. Due to supply and logistics are overwhelmed by the situation, there is a shortage of “medical oxygen” to support the infected patients each day.

How to get medical oxygen?
Medical oxygen is generated from the air by using oxygen concentrator. It is a medical device.
And, Covid-19 infected person who is mildly symptomatic could utilize this device at home which result in dramatic increase in demand recently.
There are 2 main types of oxygen concentrator.
① Home Oxygen Therapy (HOT) which patients with respiratory problems are able to inhale oxygen using portable machines at home.
The other type is ② PSA type.

What is PSA?
PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) type is a method to separates oxygen and nitrogen in the air, by using 13X Zeolite (Molecular Sieve) to adsorb Nitrogen in the cylinder. Then, repeating pressurization and depressurization cycle. The oxygen can be concentrated up to 95%.

Our strength
For more than 50 years, Showa Denko Group has been manufacturing synthetic zeolite for many applications.
From that experience, we could provide zeolite with
・ Highest quality
・ Supply stability
・ Great pre-post sales support services.

We are very honored if our molecular sieve can be one of the solution to tackle this tough situation around the world.

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