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SBN K-TIP™ PCBN: New KT70X Extends Life of Cutting Tools

news | 20 June 2021
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By F.S. & P.V.  (3 min read)

Cutting technology is an indispensable technology in the manufacturing of automobile parts.
With the evolution of automobile manufacturing technology and demand of production efficiency, the trend to find longer lifetime cutting tools is definitely growing than ever before.
This time, we would like to introduce the new PCBN K-TIP™ KT70X cutting technology from SDK Group.

Does your cutting tool fail in too short lifetime?
Many tools manufactured today fail in a relatively short period of time.
Especially, cutting tools that are used for manufacturing automobile parts.

[Lifecycle of cutting tool]
Inserting the cutting edge of the tool into the target part and grind it intermittently is the way we use cutting tool in automobile industry.
At the moment, a strong impact makes the tool edge to become worn, resulted in a decrease in sharpness overtime.
When the sharpness is reduced, it may cause higher resistance in cutting, then leads to deterioration of finished surface.
Also, it affects until machining accuracy can be failed.

Edge of the Cutting Tool
The edge of the cutting tool is composed of PCBN (Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride). Therefore, our K-TIP™ technology also known as PCBN in worldwide.
PCBN has high performance as a cutting tool material because of its excellent hardness and folding resistance under high temperature, high thermal conductivity and great thermal stability.

The edge of the PCBN tool is made by integrated sintering CBN particles together with a binder (metal, ceramics) on a cemented carbide substrate at high temperature and high pressure (1200 ° C or higher, 40,000 to 60,000 atm).

What is the real cause to shorten lifetime of the tool?
Generally, the wear of the cutting edge is caused by chipping, starting from the lump of CBN.
You can imagine when only one large stone is buried in the asphalt which covered by pebbles, the crack of asphalt could start from that point if it got attached by any force.

【Top:  Inner of conventional PCBN *Lump of CBN occurs and cause for the crack
【Bottom: Inner of KT70X Filled with CBN *Improved CBN dispersibility leads to higher efficiency and longer lifetime

 Let’s solve the problem with KT70X!!
“I want to prevent the cutting edge from wearing even a little and extend the tool life.”
We have got many feedbacks from customer said above request.
In response to such customer needs, SDK has developed a new PCBN, KT70X.

Features of KT70X
・ Minimizing defects with high efficiency of CBN dispersibility
・ Suppression of crack growth
・ Increased toughness

These solutions are realized for longer lifetime and more suitable for automobile application
By using KT70X, the life expectancy could last 1.5 times longer than conventional PCBN.

Our strength
Showa Denko, which succeeded in CBN development, started developing PCBN (CBN sintered body) products by making full use of our own unique ultra-high pressure technology culture. It was successfully commercialized in 1985 and has been favored by customers all over the world under the product name SBN K-Tip™.

Features of SBN K-Tip™:
・ Wide range of product lineup, enable to supply products that meet various customer needs
・ Customized thickness of CBN and carbide substrate

If you are interested or keen on sample testing, please contact us here.

Click here to know more about SBN K-TIP™

Technical data for KT70X is available for download.


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