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New Product Launch: "Scent Buster" Cigarette Deodorizer

news | 04 February 2021
Tag: automotive zeolite

Worry about the lingering smell of tobacco odor in car or at home?
Introducing the Scent Buster!

In previous article we introduced High Silica Zeolite as deodorizer of cigarette smoke in car and other small spaces.
This time we realize it into actual product, so that you can enjoy the benefits first-hand.
You can find and purchase Scent Buster via e-commerce site, such as SHOPEE and CAROUSELL.

Keep your car and home fresh from foul odor of lingering cigarette smoke. 🍃
The Scent Buster active ingredient is aluminosilicate which specifically targets chemicals that other dehumidifier product might fail to eliminates, such as ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, and so on.
For use inside cars, toilets, closet and other small spaces. 

Japan Technology. Assembled in Singapore.

👉 How To Use:
1. Remove product from plastic.
2. Simply place it on car console, or toilet, closet, etc.
Lasts for up to 2-3 months of effective use after opened.

❓ Why choose Scent Buster aluminosilicate rather than activated carbon or silica gel?
👍 Scent buster aluminosilicates is water repellent, so the chemical absorption performance not affected by humidity/moisture.
Whereas activated carbon or silica gel have higher affinity to water and hinders the overall performance.

The product is best used indoors, inside vehicles.

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