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HATOCOT®: Shorten Your Construction Period Now

news | 23 August 2020
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How can you recover delay in construction period?
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By F.S.

Are you worried about:

"The construction period is behind schedule..., how can I shorten the contruction period to catch up?"
"I want to install a rooftop with small number of workers..."
"I can't cure the concrete fast enough due to poor weather.."

To designers, construction companies, and construction companies,
Ease your worry with HATOCOT®
The HATOCOT® is a prefabricated flat roof penetrations housing, so called  “dog house”.
By using this, you could skip many steps of installing conventional dog house such as:

  1. form assembly
  2. bar arrangement
  3. concrete placement
  4. form removal
  5. mortar finishing before laying roof slabs

Just follow 8 simple steps of installation:





It was firstly introduced in Japan to improve productivity by reducing manpower, shortening construction period and eliminating waste material generated on-site.
Recognized for its convenience, it is also used in Singapore. 👇👇

As a campaign during COVID, we will give FREE 2 units of HATOCOTO® V-II type by prize-draw.
The condition is as follow:

  • Designers, construction companies, or construction companies in Singapore
  • First come, first served basis
  • Apply by the end of 2020

**Delivery fee from warehouse to site bear by winner. 

Please apply through the inquiry form in our website.

We are looking forward to your applications!

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