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BIO-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 5)

news | 18 August 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2 !
By F.S.

To sum up, our targets to achieve in this Bio-CO2 project are as follows:

  • contributing to the prevention of global warming
  • making effective use of CO2 from bioethanol
  • incorporating bio-friendly and eco-friendly CO2 in beverage industry

To promote this project, we are looking for partner who carry the same concept and looking for better system.
The benefits you will receive by participating in this project are:

  • One of “CSR activity” contributing to the prevention of global warming
  • ‘Ethical’ confident for your company/products
  • Opportunity for business start-up experience
  • Happy faces of the users and consumers

For our partners, we are looking for the supportive members who are:

 ✔  Company or individuals that currently using carbon dioxide
 ✔  Those who are familiar with beverage industry or CO2 industry
 ✔  Those who want to promote eco products to consumers

If you are interested, please contact us via inquiry form, Whatsapp or any social media of “Showa Denko SG”

We are looking forward to hear from you.

Let's create a beautiful world with us!!

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