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SHODEX: Better Multivitamins Analysis with Polymer Columns ODP, NH2P

news | 20 September 2021
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Are you seeking better column lifetime than C18 for Vitamin A, Vit D, Vit E, Vit K analysis?
Or not satisfied with separation by reversed phase for Vitamin B and Vit C analysis?

Shodex™ is a specialist for high-quality polymer-based columns with long lifetime (Reversed Phase RP, HILIC, SUGAR, GPC). In This article we'd like to introduce our Reversed Phase and HILIC Polymer column for multivitamin analysis application.

1) Fat-Soluble Vitamins
Asahipak ODP-50 4E [USP L67] reversed phase mode was used for the simultaneous analysis of fat-soluble vitamins. Good calibration curves were obtained for them.

Sample : 20 μL
1. Vitamin K3 1.5μg/mL
2. Vitamin A 1.0IU/mL(0.3μg/mL)
3. Vitamin A acetate 0.5IU/mL(1.9μg/mL)
4. Vitamin D2 13.2IU/mL(0.3μg/mL)
5. Vitamin D3 13.2IU/mL(0.3μg/mL)
6. Vitamin E acetate 2.4μg/mL
7. Vitamin E 2.5μg/mL
8. Vitamin K1 2.4μg/mL

Column : Shodex Asahipak ODP-50 4E (4.6 mm I.D. x 250 mm) 
Eluent : CH3CN/CH3OH = 50/50
Flow rate : 0.6 mL/min
Detector : UV (280 nm)
Column temp. : 30 °C

2) Food Containing Vitamins
Vitamins in food were analyzed using RSpak DE-413 [USP L71), a column for reversed phase chromatography.

(Sample pretreatment)
- Dissolve 80mg of the food containing vitamins in 12mL of the eluant (A).
- Pass through a 0.45μm filter before injecting into HPLC.

Sample : 20 μL
1. Vitamin C 145μg/mL
2. Vitamin B6 21.2μg/mL
3. Vitamin B2 7.3μg/mL

Column : Shodex RSpak DE-413 (4.6 mm I.D. x 150 mm) 
Eluent : (A); 1/30M Potasium phosphate buffer (pH 6.8) / CH3CN = 98/2
               (B); H2O / CH3CN = 50/50
                Gradient: 0 min to 4 min, 100% (A), 4 min to 15 min, 100% (A) to 30% (A), After 15 min, 30% (A)
Flow rate : 0.6 mL/min
Detector : UV (254 nm)
Column temp. : 35 °C

3) Water-Soluble Vitamins
To those who are not satisfied with RP mode for water-soluble vitamins, NH2P-50 4E [USP L82] offers ion exchange chromatography. Six water-soluble vitamins were separated within 5 minutes.

[Note] This analysis requires column equilibration.
For column equilibration: First introduce 60 mM phosphoric acid at 0.5 mL/min for 2 hours, and then switch to the eluent.

Sample : 20 μL
1. Vitamin B6 50μg/mL
2. Nicotinamide 10μg/mL
3. Vitamin B12 10μg/mL
4. Nicotinic acid 10μg/mL
5. Folic acid 10μg/mL
6. Vitamin C 10μg/mL

Column : Shodex Asahipak NH2P-50 4E (4.6 mm I.D. x 250 mm) 
Eluent : 40 mM H3PO4 aq./CH3CN = 45/55
Flow rate : 1.0 mL/min
Detector : UV (254 nm)
Column temp. : 40 °C

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and demo column availability.

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