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Almic-Can™: Preserving great food taste and safety by innovative food container

news | 18 August 2021
Tag: food and beverage

by F.S. & P.V.

“Preserving food deliciously and easy to open”

This statement is the common goal that the food processing company aiming for. To achieve that, food container is one of the key success factors.
So far, there always had trade-off between the air tightness of food containers and the ease of opening, and it is difficult to achieve both, but now, Showa Denko Group discovered the technology innovation to solve this.

Showa Denko Packaging, the specialist of packaging material

Our group company, Showa Denko Packaging is engaged in the laminating business greatly made up with aluminum foil (processed foil). They are providing products created with "printing, laminating, and creating" technology, to contribute to development of society. Based on our corporate philosophy, we design, develop, manufacture, and sell aluminum processed foils and laminated resin films, with respond to customer requests in the electronics, food, and pharmaceutical markets.

Why is our Almic-Can™ attracting world’s attention now?

Globally, food manufacturers have the following needs for packaging materials:

1.  Preserving delicious food: To keep the food delicious for a long time.
2. Easy Peeling: Even children and the elderly can easily open.
3. Luxury feeling: Aspect that everyone will fall in love with at first sight.
4. Easy to transport: To deliver more deliciousness than canned food

Our aluminum container is a packaging material that can solve many problems above at once.

Feature of Almic-Can™

1. Preserving delicious food
Almic-can can prevent food from oxidizing, drying and discoloring. In addition, after filling food, it can be heat-pressurized and sterilized for long-term storage.

2. Easy Peeling
No risk of cutting hands on the container while opening.

It is generally said that canned peel strength is 35 to 50N, and easy-to-open resin containers such as yogurt lids are 20N. Our Almic-Can™ has the best of both worlds, the airtightness of aluminum can and the ease of opening resin containers.

Type of

Almi Pack±20N≥40KPa
Can (Tin)±50N≥70KPa
Can (Alu)±35N≥70KPa

3. Luxury feeling

Almic-Can™ enable shapes that cannot be canned, such as round and polygonal shapes as shown in the photo.
It is handy when you want to come up with a new container design.

4. Easy to transport
Unlike conventional cans, Almic-Can™ is able to stack in containers.

So, it has good delivery efficiency and does not take up space in the warehouse.

Above stacking delivery also helps you reduce the cost. We could support you through the supply chain to balance all the cost.

Please feel free to contact us for consultation!

More services

Normally, some capital cost for new sealing machine is needed, once the new design of container applied. No concern on sudden investment, as we also providing rental sealing machine for trial period. You could use it to test for packing line, and commercial sales. Definitely, we could also introduce you to a sealing manufacturer for further assistance.

So, if you are interested or facing struggle with the current container, please feel free to drop us the inquiry. We will support you all the way!

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