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A new evolution of Showa Denko Singapore (SSPL) ~We have started sourcing activities for our customers!

news | 28 December 2021
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Greetings to you from the GM of Showa Denko Singapore. We have been doing marketing activities in the SEA region for a few years. Leading to our strong connection with these industries 

  • Food
  • Automotive
  • Electronics
  • Medical
  • Research Institutes 

Recently, there have been many changes in the world, resulting in supply shortages. For example, stronger environmental regulation in China, Spike of freight cost and so on.

“We do not have enough xx material for production!” “We can’t accept the shortage! Please do something!” “Can SSPL help sourcing this xx for us!?”

These are conversations that we always hear from customers recently.

Despite being a distributor, SSPL used to focus on Showa Denko Group products only. However, there is the most important value that we have found to have a better response to our customers. “Customer Value” is the most value that we are contributing in recently and from now on. Currently, we always start from what we can do and what value we can provide for customers.

About our sourcing

We have experience from Marketing and Sales with a lot of direct conversation with the purchasing team of customers.

“Only SDK group is quite limited” “High quality products, but sometimes it is just over the requirement” “No supply during maintenance period is too tough” “Do you have local-based stock? we want the material quickly”

Here are what the purchasing team concerns and we do hear you.

The customer wants us to supply other products than Showa Denko group’s products too. We also highly appreciated it as this means the customers have trust in us and our performance. And, it is also showing that only current service is definitely not enough, we need to provide more customer-oriented service and value. 

And, this is why we started being an overall sourcing center for you. Our sourcing activities:

  • Research supplier's information in ASEAN
  • Summarize price, specifications and quality from market survey
  • Provide product sample for your first evaluation

These activities made the purchasing team become more convenient and efficient!

Here are some of our successful sourcing for customers.

  • Raw materials for Ceramics from Myanmar, from supplier survey to sample evaluation
  • Aluminium Trihydroxide (ATH) from Indonesia, offer with best price negotiation!
  • Amino Acid from China
  • Zeolite from Turkey

From supplier survey, sample evaluation to negotiation for best price!

SSPL strengths

There are uniqueness on our activities as being Showa Denko Group

・From cross-region connections with our global brancher, to local connections in the region

    We do provide you all-around data, so you could have consideration without a miss.

・High Experience of our sales/marketing across a wide range of products.

    It leads to the most wided know-how we could provide you to maximize the business.

・Local staff for your own language.

   Accessing local customers and suppliers thoroughly, our staff speaking your language. Japanese, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese are available.

With all these providing, the Purchasing department will find doing business with us at ease. And, without a miss on the requirement/data trends


We are aiming to be “Sourcing Center for you”, providing a solution for your sourcing issue including other supporting activities for your convenience. Consulting is free, moreover free samples are also available.

Please do not hesitate to let us know your request.

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