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Dehydration process by using Molecular Sieve in Bioethanol world

news | 29 September 2022
Tag: molecular sieve thailand

Hi all,

Recently, I could not help but really hear people screaming about the price surge on gasoline. We might say it is over the moon.

In the past, we have forecasted that someday gasoline will be short in supply and price surge. And, Bioethanol has been developed for the solution.

Bioethanol industry is a growing industry in many countries such as United States, Brazil and also Thailand.

99.9% of high purity ethanol is required to be our high qualified fuel of global standard. In order to achieve that, Molecular Sieve is essential to remove moisture from crude ethanol and increase its purity from 99% to 99.9%.

Generally, this dehydration process is in the final part of bioethanol production. Bioethanol will go through 2 columns containing molecular sieve in dehydration facilities. And, the following image is simple diagram how the bioethanol is being purified and dehydrated.

Diagram of Bioethanol Production Process

Our Molecular Sieve is specially developed to be used in this critical application.

  • High Resistance
  • High Crush Strength
  • High performance on moisture absorption

Free Sample is readily available by request.

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Medicinal Cannabis is a potential market for HPLC!

news | 23 September 2022
Tag: shodex thailand

Hello! Greeting from Showa Denko Singapore.

Last week, we just finished exhibiting our SHODEX™ (HPLC column) at Thailand LAB for three days. This was my third time to experience the SHODEX exhibition, and I made some new discoveries this time. I learned a lot, so I would like to share what I felt.

Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL is the annual exhibition about laboratory exhibitions. It is the biggest event for both buyer and seller to find each other for business matching or networking.

This year, after a long while, I participated again, and found a hot topic to share with you all

Cannabis is everywhere

At the exhibition, there were cannabis related topics at several booths, which means many companies are going for this business. As a Japanese, I was honestly surprised that they were actively promoting this. At a Cannabis-centered booth, I asked how much potential there was, and according to them, nearly 200 companies have started manufacturing it so far. That was a much larger market than I expected!!

Also, I also got some chance to stroll around Bangkok. And, there really are many signs of green Cannabis leaves at café, restaurant, roadside stalls etc. They are literally everywhere! This is very surprising for me, as you can easily find it, whereas it is still prohibited in Japan and many countries.

From analysis perspective

Medicinal cannabis requires high level of control and we received information that HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is used for analysing in pre-post production process. HPLC is used to detect heavy metals in fertilizer and also able to check the concentration of Cannabinoids group in the quality assurance process. Polymer-based HPLC columns are able to analyse heavy metals, so we would like to work with our local partner to go further in this popular industry.

Sample of Heavy Metals in Cannabis

Mostly, the heavy metals come from the cultivation process, so we are looking for these 4 compounds in the fertilizer.

  1. Lead
  2. Arsenic
  3. Cadmium
  4. Mercury

We will work on the application to find out how Shodex™ polymer-based HPLC column can support this Cannabis industry.

Showa Denko Singapore is working to raise strong customer support of SHODEX™ to response to the new trend in the market.

We will exclusively update you here, only. Please stay tuned with us.

At the moment, you can check out our user’s experience from Thailand LAB here :
For those interested in Shodex ™ HPLC application, please visit:
For those interested in Thailand LAB, please visit:

See you next time.

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SHODEX Chromato News September 2022

news | 14 September 2022
Tag: chromatonews shodex

New Application Data on

★ Effects of Flow Rate on Separation (GPC HK-401: PS) >> Application Note

☆ Effects of Flow Rate on Separation (GPC HK-404L: PS) >> Application Note

★ Effects of Flow Rate on Separation (GPC HK-406: PS) >> Application Note

☆ Analysis of Ibandronate Sodium (IC I-524A) >> Application Note

Amino Acids (3) (CXpak P-421S) >> Application Note

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