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Showa Denko SBN™ is adopted by KEBLA® – Indonesia CBN tools maker

news | 26 October 2020
Tag: automotive cBN indonesia

By K.A.

KEBLA CBN Tools provides four types of bonding. They are electroplated bond, resin bond, metal bond and vitrified bond. Each of them has different advantages and characteristics according to the material they cut. For example, the electroplated bond are mostly used in manufacturing of engine valve, piston ring, V-belting, brake pad and ferrite. Vitrified bond wheels are used in paper roll grinding, bearing and camshaft manufacturing. The resin bond is widely used in the cutting tools industry, and the metal bond is often used in the glass, optics and stone industries. 

All products are made to order. KEBLA produce new tools as well as rework of electroplated and vitrified bond wheels. All Kebla wheels have a standard precision of ±20 μ for dimension, max. 5 μ for runout and H7 for bore diameter tolerance unless there is a special request. All products are checked thoroughly and rigidly to ensure their end quality.

Featured product:

  • Shape                  : According to FEPA standard shape or your drawing
  • Size availability : up to 700mm
  • Grit size              : Custom Diamond or CBN, from #1500 up to D/B252
  • Shank material  : Aluminium / steel / carbon fiber

Note: Layer is mostly segmented.

About TLS:
“Established in 2007, Timur Lautan Sukses (TLS) is a technology company specializing in the manufacturing of automated guided vehicle, diamond & CBN tools and dental burs. Supported by about 50 engineers from different backgrounds, we develop and manufacture all our products in Cikarang, Indonesia. Our customers are from various industries, to name a few: manufacturing, warehouses, hotels, dentistry, hospitals, and many more. 
We aim to create and produce high-tech and high-quality products, to improve industrial efficiency and benefit the wider community, while ensuring on-time delivery, quick response and totality in serving our customers. Our well-trained sales and technical support teams take pride in giving customers the best advice and solutions.”

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SHODEX – New Video Release: “Understand HILIC mode in HPLC”

news | 23 October 2020
Tag: food and beverage shodex

Click the here to view our latest video on  Shodex Singapore YouTube Channel.

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SHODEX Chromato News October 2020

news | 21 October 2020
Tag: chromatonews shodex

Analysis of Functional Sugars in Foods Using HILIC Mode.

Recently, the effects of functional sugars in foods are gaining scientists’ interests, and thus their analytical methods are called for. This article will demonstrate the effectiveness of Shodex™ HILICpak™ VG-50 4E with its HILIC mode for the analysis of various functional sugars in foods. The eluent typically used in HILIC mode is a mixture of water and acetonitrile. And for some applications, the separation efficiency of the VG-50 4E can be improved by using a mixture containing water, acetonitrile, and methanol. We also proved the effectiveness of the developed method for analyzing functional sugars in real food products.

Click here to read the full PDF version >>> Chromato News OCT 2020 – English

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SHODEX: Polymer-based HPLC Column Free Demo Offer!

news | 06 October 2020
Tag: food and beverage shodex

Are you facing durability issue with your HPLC column?

By P.V.

Repeating analysis for multiple times sound miserable for the researchers, especially when we are busy with many projects and approaching deadlines.

“HPLC is High Performance Liquid Chromatography, a chromatographic technique used to split a mixture of compounds in the fields of analytical chemistry, biochemistry and industry. ”
The main purposes for using HPLC are to identify and quantify each component in the mixture.
And, HPLC column is one of the most important parts for HPLC system to get you the right result.

Silica columns have been used in conventional HPLC analysis, but nowadays customers’ needs are diversifying, polymer columns with following characteristics are receiving more attention.

Features of polymer column:

  • wide pH range (2-13)
  • possibility to use in low salt concentration
  • good separation of hydrophilic substances
  • no-silanol groups, so no chemical interactions which is cause of tailing peak

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Showa Denko has developed expertise in the analysis of polymers, pharmaceuticals, sugar, and proteins for 55 years. Based on this experience, we are developing the popular brand SHODEX ™ of HPLC polymer columns, which offers high quality and a wide range of applications, all over the world.

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