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Aluminium Packaging: High Barrier and Easy-Opening

news | 31 March 2021
Tag: cap seal food and beverage

By E.N.

When you open the lid of a yogurt tub, do you have trouble opening it or do you get yogurt on your fingers?
Or even worse, it flew out and stained your favorite T-shirt?
This is because tight seal for high barrier function is important to keep the product fresh and tasty. Unfortunately, there is a trade-off between high barrier and ease of opening the lid.

But, don’t worry! Our product Aluminum container is the solution. It is easy to open, but also provide high barrier function, light shielding properties, for maintaining product’s long shelf life.

The key of solving this trade-off is that we have the technology to bond materials with different properties, such as aluminum foil and resin film. From this technology, new laminating materials can be created.

Aluminum container is used in a wide range of applications such as gifts (puddings and desserts), nursing food and emergency ration food.

In addition, Hardpack can be used for medicine tablet containers due to its ability to provide high barrier properties.

Its excellent combination of high barrier and easy opening can be applied to various containers!

So, when you are looking for containers for sweets, medicines, cosmetics, etc., please feel free to contact us!

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SHODEX – New Video Release “How to analyze Hydrophilic Substance using HPLC”

news | 19 March 2021
Tag: shodex

Click the here to view our latest video on  Shodex Singapore YouTube Channel.

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SHODEX Chromato News March 2021

news | 15 March 2021
Tag: chromatonews indonesia shodex thailand

New Application Data on

★ Analysis of Thymosin α1 (KW-802.5) >> Application Note 

☆ Analysis of GABA Supplement (NH2P-50 4E) >> Application Note 

★ SEC Analysis of Latex Particles (KW405-4F) >> Application Note 

☆ Effects of Organic Solvent Concentration on HILIC Mode (NH2P-50 4B) >> Application Note 

★ Effects of Eluent pH on HILIC Mode (VG-50 2D) >> Application Note

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HATOCOT®: 3 Reasons It Continues to be the Customers’ Choice

news | 12 March 2021
Tag: hatocot

by F.S.

Recently we introduced Hatocot® – prefab dog house – in the previous article.
The performance in Japan is almost unrivaled, its market share is over 90%.
What is the secret to the strength of this product?
This time I would like to take a closer look at its appeal.

1. Significant Reduction in Construction Period

The figure above is a comparison of the construction period of the conventional method of dog house and Hatocot®. When making a dog house, the conventional method requires multiple processes such as Formwork and Curing, but since the prefabricated Hatocot® is only installed when placing concrete on the roof, that time and effort can be saved. Based on construction works data in Japan, you can save 14 days!!
Even if the construction period is slightly delayed due to turbulent weather, it can be fully recovered.

2. Cost Advantage

No matter how much the construction period can be shortened, if the cost is too high, it will be difficult to use at a site.
Therefore, I tried to verify whether Hatocot® – prefab dog house – has a cost merit with the following comparison table.

By using prefabricated Hatocot®, it is found that the site management cost can be reduced because the construction period is shortened. This is also one of the great attractions for construction sites.

3. Sustainable & Clean


No wooden materials for assembling the forms are required for Hatocot® installation because it is a prefabricated and ready-to-assemble unit. Once you bring it in the construction site, it contribute to reduction in waste material.

Allowed to be used in Singapore buildings
After confirming with BCA in Singapore, we received a comment that authorization is not required to install Hatocot®. In other words, you only have to install it at the time of set up piping. As you can see, Hatocot® is a niche, but there is no doubt that it is an easy-to-use product.

Achievement in Singapore
Hatocot® – prefab dog house – has many benefits as mentioned above. Some Japan customers want to use it outside of Japan.
A typical example is Changi General Hospital, used for rooftop duct covers.

I believe by now you can see the charm of prefab dog house Hatocot®.
Finally, we would like to inform you of the special promotion.
By application by June 2021, V-II type will be offered at a special price on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please apply as soon as possible through the inquiry form in our website.

We are looking forward to your applications!

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TPNa™ (Vit E Derivative): Prevent dry skin and redness caused by UV irradiation

news | 05 March 2021
Tag: tpna vitamin e

by E.N.

Sunburn is an enemy on a pleasant sunny day.
I bring an umbrella and sunscreen, but when I notice it, my skin turns black and hurts, which happens often.
“I want to keep youthful skin at any time!”

In this article, we will introduce Showa Denko’s product that prevents skin problem derived from UV irradiation.

Causes of sunburn
Sunburn is caused by UV irradiation and ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) occurred by it.

  1. UV irradiation

There are three types of UV irradiation, ranging from high energy to low energy.
UV-C:the strongest rays among the three types of UV irradiation
UV-B:High UV energy, causing rapid and severe damage to the skin(=sunburn)
   -> The skin quickly become red, causing spots and pigmentation.
UV-A:Weak UV energy, but high quantity and high skin penetration.
The skin slowly darkens, causing wrinkles and sagging.
Since UV-C is absorbed by the ozone layer, only UV-B and UV-A reach the earth’s surface.

What do SPF and PA listed on sunscreens mean?
SPF:Reference values to prevent sunburn caused by UV-B.
PA :Reference values for UV-A protection

These UV irradiations produce “ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) “, which cause skin problem.

  1. ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species)

ROS, which are changes in some of the oxygen taken into the body, originally play a role in protecting the body by attacking viruses and bacteria. However, if they increase too much, they become more aggressive and damage healthy cells. Excessive amounts of ROS can result in dry skin caused by weakening barrier function of skin. Cell transforming and weakening intercellular adhesion are the main cause of this.

TPNa™ is the solution to keep youthful skin!

Vitamin E can remove radical enzymes in the skin and prevent above skin disorders from occurring. However, since vitamin E is an oil type, its transdermal absorption efficiency is not sufficient, and it cannot be applied to water-soluble substrates such as lotions. Therefore, Showa Denko have developed TPNa the world’s first water-soluble vitamin E derivative (amphiphilic). By introducing a phosphoryl group into the oily form of vitamin E, it acquires water solubility and can penetrate well into the skin.

TPNa™ which has a phosphoryl group quickly penetrates into the skin and is converted to vitamin E by the enzymatic action of phosphatase present in the skin. As a result, ROS can be removed.

If you want white and youthful skin, why not try Showa Denko’s TPNa™ right now?
Free samples are available. If you are interested, please contact us.

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