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Bio-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 2)

news | 29 June 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol food and beverage thailand

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2 !

By F.S.

Our mission is to continue providing new value to the world.
While considering a new project, we wanted to contribute to the prevention of global warming through our business.

I got an information from a friend in Indonesia about a company that uses carbon dioxide from bioethanol production by-product, for drinks and dry ice.
That was a hint for this project startup.
In ASEAN countries, many companies are producing bioethanol for fuel, from sugar cane and cassava as a policy to get out of dependence on oil. Demand for carbonated drinks is also growing.

So what are the issue for these industries?

Many beverage manufacturers use carbon dioxide for raw material as by-product of oil and natural gas.
Due to spread of COV-19, suppliers are forced to decrease their operation rate, and supply/demand balance of CO2 is tighten in the world.
Beverage manufactures are thriving to find supply during this pandemic.
The risk is threatening the industry, and manufacturers are trying to find new sources for CO2
On the other hand, the development of eco-friendly products is being actively promoted as a trend in the world. 
In fact, beverage manufacturers in Europe and the United States are also actively incorporating bio-fieondly and eco-friendly raw materials.

While proceeding our study, we focus on Thailand market.

Thailand is one of the world-ranked Ethanol producer and beverage manufacturers, mainly rely on CO2 from refineries industry.
In addition, a lot of CO2 is emitted from bio-ethanol fermentation process and Thai government wants to reduce total emission of CO2
The change of purchasing policy in beverage manufacturers occurred in Europe and United States is expected to happen in Thailand as “new normal”. 
So, I thought we can provide value to this industry by making effective use of CO2 from bioethanol. 
Therefore, we want to you to be prepared of ‘new normal’ in Thailand, which could happen in near future, by commercializing eco-friendly CO2 and building a stable supply system.

We believe our Bio-CO2 project would be the solution for this industry!

Inquiry and consulting are always welcome! Please feel free to share your interest.

…To be continued…

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Bio-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 1)

news | 15 June 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol food and beverage

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2 !

By F.S.

Is it possible to maintain BOTH a convenient life and a beautiful earth?

Humans are generating more products and other materials to support people’s comfortable lives,
while continuing to shorten the life of the earth, such as the emission of greenhouse gases and industrial waste.

While working for a chemical manufacturer, I suddenly feel such a contradiction.
Can we fulfill our role and contribute to a sustainable world?
With that in mind, we started one project.

That is the Bio-CO2 project.

Do you know that carbon dioxide is used in carbonated drinks such as cider and energy drinks?
This industrial carbon dioxide is refined from oil and natural gas and delivered to beverage manufacturers.
Though we already make use of this byproduct, global warming is progressing at faster pace.
Not only our company, but the consumers also starting to consider more on eco-friendly production, less negative impact to world ecosystem. Therefore, we started the Bio-CO2 project to reduce greenhouse gases in this industry so that consumers themselves can feel they’re preserving mother nature.

In the next part, we will explain about it.

…To be continued…

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Molecular Sieve for LPG Purification

news | 12 June 2020
Tag: lpg purification molecular sieve

We are the answer for LPG purification! 

By F.S.

To anyone who has trouble in removal of moisture and sulfur compounds, you can count on us! Showa Denko Singapore has wide lineup of Molecular Sieve and good customer service for LPG purification. In customer support, we can do on-site visit, analysis of your adsorbent, suggestion on usage condition, etc.

Our product are warmly loved by aerosol manufacturers in ASEAN countries.

We hope we can be one of your partner.
Please feel free to drop us your interest.

✔Guaranteed quality       ✔Free online consultation        ✔Competitive price

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SHODEX Chromato News June 2020

news | 01 June 2020
Tag: chromatonews shodex

New Application Data on!

★ Analysis of Allantoin in a Commercial Disinfectant (VG-50 4E)
☆ LC/MS/MS Analysis of Glyphosate and Glufosinate (VT-50 2D)
★ SEC Analysis of Filgrastim (KW-803)
☆ Analysis of Ethylcellulose Dispersion Type B According to USP-NF (KF-802)
★ Analysis of Coenzyme Q10 in a Dietary Supplement (C18P 4D)

Click here to read the full PDF version >>> Chromato News JUN 2020 – English

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