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KROPICO: Biostimulant for Plants

news | 28 July 2020
Tag: food and beverage Kropico plantation plants

Planting is not an easy job, but we could make it easier and fruitful!
By F.S. & P.V.

Plants grow easily just by spraying. How convenience if we could have such a cultivation enhancer.

Do not you want to enjoy the same outcome with simple step? Come join our project.

As pictures showing, our new fertilizer, KROPICO™ pull off another level of plant growth. Even a big farmer or beginner plant lover, you can easily enjoy this wonderful outcome. KROPICO™ can be applied to any kind of plants, from veggies, fruits to flower.

Not only upscaling size and beauty of the plants, but also enhancing its sweetness to be tastier and more enjoyable! KROPICO™ is very easy to use for planting or farming, undoubtedly for every scale. Only 1000x dilution then you can fulfil your dream with easy plantation. 

KROPICO™ contains a mix of oligosaccharides from natural product. So, you do not need to worry about chemicals usage and safety for your caring plants and health.

We are on the process to launch KROPICO™ globally, and have completed trial phase in lettuce, tomato, watermelon and even riceThey are all grew up beautifully with KROPICO™.

For next step, we are looking for local partner, especially who plant cassava, sugar cane and rice, to join the launch of this product. Non-experience users also welcome.

In this project, you can enjoy free sample for your beautiful plant-to-be. And, we are more than happy to give suggestion on your plan either indoor planting or big-scale farm.  

Please drop us your interest, and we are looking forward to working with you.

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SHODEX: Announcement of Change in SI-35 4D Shipping Solvent

news | 14 July 2020
Tag: shodex

Shodex will be changing the shipping solvents for the below listed product.
Please note that the actual shipping solvent used will be different from the shipping solvent described in our 2020-2021 ShodexTM Catalog.

Ion Chromatography Columns for suppressor method (KOH Eluent)

F6999361     IC SI-36 4D
(Listed on Page 32 in the 2020-2021 ShodexTM Catalog)

Details About Change in Shipping Solvents
Present (catalog): 25 mM KOH aq.

After change       : 10 mM Na2SO4 aq.

Effective Date
Products manufactured after July 15th 2020

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Bio-CO2 For Greener Earth (Part 3)

news | 13 July 2020
Tag: CO2 ethanol food and beverage thailand

Would you support Eco-Friendly world? You can with Bio-CO2 !
By F.S.

Global warming, our breath. Many readers may have a bad impression of carbon dioxide. 
But on the other hand, carbon dioxide is also essential to our lives
Carbon dioxide is used as a foaming agent for carbonated drinks such as soda and ‘chuhai’ (“shōchū highball”). 
It is also used for dry-ice for cooling in-flight meals, ice cream and frozen foods.

Recently, carbon dioxide has been playing an active role in beauty and health fields, such as lotions containing carbon dioxide.
In the industrial field, it is used for rubber molding blasting and welding.
Now you know that carbon dioxide is critical to our lives.
Unfortunately, many of these are made from the by-products of oil refining.

If these products are of plant origin and can contribute to the prevention of global warming, consumers will be excited.

Then, what can we do in order to bring the product to market? 
In the next part, we will explain in detail about our startup activities in Thailand.

…To be continued…

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SHODEX Chromato News July 2020

news | 01 July 2020
Tag: chromatonews shodex

Ultra-Rapid Analysis of Proteins by Cation Exchange Chromatography

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) takes an important role in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry for the analysis of biological components such as proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids. The Shodex™ IEC SP-FT 4A shortens the analysis time to one-third of previous IEC SP-420N, while the column remains to provide sharp peak shapes. Dimensions are 4.6 mm inner diameter and 10 mm length, and housing made of PEEK.

Application data includes:

  1. Ovalbumin
  2. Trypsinogen
  3. Ribonuclease A
  4. Cytochrome C
  5. Lysozyme
  6. α-Chymotrypsinogen A
  7. AFSC Hemoglobin Control, normal hemoglobins,
    HbF(F) and HbA(A), abnormal hemoglobins, HbS(S) and HbC(C)
  8. HbA1c or glycohemoglobin

Click here to read the full PDF version >>> Chromato News JUL 2020 – English

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