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High Silica Zeolite for Car Deodorizer

news | 20 April 2020
Tag: automotive zeolite

Extraordinary deodorizer for car! 

By F.S.

Unlike other deodorizer, High Silica Zeolite can fully adsorb odor you want to remove, without absorbing any moisture. 
So, it can adsorb the unwanted smell to the max!
Moreover, we have variety of packaging and customized as you like for your special deodorizer.
Currently, we have started market trial in many countries across ASEAN.

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Sample is readily available for free!
Please feel free to drop us your interest. You are always welcome!

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GLDA is Biodegradable Cleaning Agent

news | 06 April 2020
Tag: chelating agent edta food and beverage glda

Don’t you worry about scale!

By F.S. 

Scale, enemy of food hygiene…especially milk, beer and sugar industry. But don’t worry! Showa Denko Singapore gives you the solution for scale removal with special cleaning agent.

You can perfectly remove the cause of scale such as silica and metal ion. Showa Denko GLDA are loved by beverage industry cause its safety and biodegradability. We hope you will find it useful for your food safety.

Please feel free to drop us your inquiry. 
We can provide you all-free consultation.

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