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HATOCOT – The 7th ArchXpo 2021

event | 10 November 2021

The 7th International Exhibition of Architecture & the Built Environment (ArchXpo) 2021


24/7 Online Virtual Event

10 November – 9 December 2021
Tag: Construction Hatocot

Showa Denko Singapore and Showa Denko Materials (Asia-Pacific) are pleased to announce our participation at hits year’s 7th ArchXpo 2021^.
We will be exhibiting HATOCOT, the Japan’s No. 1 prefabricated roof penetrations housing or “dog house”. The are three main features of HATOCOT: 1. Simple and quick installation, 2. Easy access for maintenance, 3. Lightweight to lessen burden of building structure.

In this opportunity, we will also proudly announce that HATOCOT 3D (.rfa) files are now available for BIM. The COVID-19 pandemic encourage us to find safer and smarter ways of building homes and offices. We believe by adding BIM 3D model data, it can boost collaboration with your project team members, even remotely. Increased productivity with workflows integration, process planning,  interference detection and management, and information sharing, verification, review, validation.

^ArchXpo is one of the most comprehensive regional sourcing hub for end-users, specifiers and traders, for the latest cutting-edge technologies, solutions, products and services for the built-environment. This year it will be presented in a hybrid format via both Physical In-Person and Virtual Exhibitions, alongside Conferences, Webinar, Business Matching, and Networking activities.

Register here to be visitor and see you at our virtual booth.

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HATOCOT®: Showa Denko Launches BIM Objects for Hatocot / Dog House

news | 01 November 2021
Tag: construction hatocot

Continuing its commitment to providing resources designed to support the architecture and building industry’s transition to digital building modeling, HATOCOT® has created its BIM (Building Information Modeling) content library. We believe that during this challenging global health situation, the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry are transforming and digital building process will be the solution for optimizing collaborative work among designers, contractors, and owner. 
HATOCOT® articles are easily obtainable and simple to download to be incorporated into building projects and imported to programs like Autodesk REVIT– making for an optimal result.

The BIM update features all 12 types of HATOCOT® prefabricated doghouse.
Files available in .IFC, .RFA, .PDF.

Contact us now and optimize your remote collaboration!

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HATOCOT®: 3 Reasons It Continues to be the Customers’ Choice

news | 12 March 2021
Tag: hatocot

by F.S.

Recently we introduced Hatocot® – prefab dog house – in the previous article.
The performance in Japan is almost unrivaled, its market share is over 90%.
What is the secret to the strength of this product?
This time I would like to take a closer look at its appeal.

1. Significant Reduction in Construction Period

The figure above is a comparison of the construction period of the conventional method of dog house and Hatocot®. When making a dog house, the conventional method requires multiple processes such as Formwork and Curing, but since the prefabricated Hatocot® is only installed when placing concrete on the roof, that time and effort can be saved. Based on construction works data in Japan, you can save 14 days!!
Even if the construction period is slightly delayed due to turbulent weather, it can be fully recovered.

2. Cost Advantage

No matter how much the construction period can be shortened, if the cost is too high, it will be difficult to use at a site.
Therefore, I tried to verify whether Hatocot® – prefab dog house – has a cost merit with the following comparison table.

By using prefabricated Hatocot®, it is found that the site management cost can be reduced because the construction period is shortened. This is also one of the great attractions for construction sites.

3. Sustainable & Clean


No wooden materials for assembling the forms are required for Hatocot® installation because it is a prefabricated and ready-to-assemble unit. Once you bring it in the construction site, it contribute to reduction in waste material.

Allowed to be used in Singapore buildings
After confirming with BCA in Singapore, we received a comment that authorization is not required to install Hatocot®. In other words, you only have to install it at the time of set up piping. As you can see, Hatocot® is a niche, but there is no doubt that it is an easy-to-use product.

Achievement in Singapore
Hatocot® – prefab dog house – has many benefits as mentioned above. Some Japan customers want to use it outside of Japan.
A typical example is Changi General Hospital, used for rooftop duct covers.

I believe by now you can see the charm of prefab dog house Hatocot®.
Finally, we would like to inform you of the special promotion.
By application by June 2021, V-II type will be offered at a special price on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please apply as soon as possible through the inquiry form in our website.

We are looking forward to your applications!

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HATOCOT®: Shorten Your Construction Period Now

news | 23 August 2020
Tag: construction hatocot

How can you recover delay in construction period?
~Find amazing giveaway in the end of this article~

By F.S.

Are you worried about:

“The construction period is behind schedule…, how can I shorten the contruction period to catch up?”
“I want to install a rooftop with small number of workers…”
“I can’t cure the concrete fast enough due to poor weather..”

To designers, construction companies, and construction companies,
Ease your worry with HATOCOT®
The HATOCOT® is a prefabricated flat roof penetrations housing, so called  “dog house”.
By using this, you could skip many steps of installing conventional dog house such as:

  1. form assembly
  2. bar arrangement
  3. concrete placement
  4. form removal
  5. mortar finishing before laying roof slabs

Just follow 8 simple steps of installation:





It was firstly introduced in Japan to improve productivity by reducing manpower, shortening construction period and eliminating waste material generated on-site.
Recognized for its convenience, it is also used in Singapore. 👇👇

As a campaign during COVID, we will give FREE 2 units of HATOCOTO® V-II type by prize-draw.
The condition is as follow:

  • Designers, construction companies, or construction companies in Singapore
  • First come, first served basis
  • Apply by the end of 2020

**Delivery fee from warehouse to site bear by winner. 

Please apply through the inquiry form in our website.

We are looking forward to your applications!

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HATOCOT – BuildTech Asia 24 from to 26 October 2017

event | 27 September 2017
Tag: Construction Hatocot

Hosted by Building & Construction Authority of Singapore,  it is the most important gathering welcoming over 7000 industry professionals, key decision makers and building, construction, and facility management experts for those in the building, construction, facility management, mechanical and engineering industries. With full support from key important players in the industry, BuildTech Asia has been firmly established as the region’s most important trade exhibition and key business platform for all involved in the built environment sector, providing a broad and comprehensive selection of new products, technologies, services and solutions applicable across diverse industries and sectors.

Over 180 exhibiting brands across the world including national and regional pavilions will showcase the largest display of Construction Machinery & Equipment, Productive Technologies, Building & Architectural Solutions & Interior Finishing as well as the latest developments in smart construction technologies.

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