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SHODEX – Indonesia Webinar #4: Theory of LEX and SUGAR Column Applications

event | 18 November 2021

4th SHODEX Webinar with PT Batuwaris Dinamika (in Bahasa Indonesia)




30th November 2021 | 13.30 – 14.30 WIB

Tag: Indonesia Shodex

Shodex SUGAR series allow the separation of monosaccharides and disaccharides using aqueous eluent under ligand exchange and GFC modes. Basically, saccharides are eluted in order of decreasing molecular weight by GFC mode. The series provides base line stability and linearity over a wide range when quantifying samples, thus permitting the detection of refractive indexes with high sensitivity. Ligand exchange mode is a separation mode, which employs ion interaction between metal ions (M+) which are the counter ions of the packing material, and hydroxyl (OH-) groups of the saccharides. Find out about the basic principles by joining this webinar. We will also introduce some application data that might be useful for you. 

Presentation will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.
Presentasi akan dihantarkan dalam Bahasa Indonesia.

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